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 About Kibbutz Tamuz 
The Kibbutz experience is changing. Economic and social crises have brought about a form of change from which there is no return. The future of the entire kibbutz movement is unclear. However, from crisis comes creativity. A wide range of collective experiments have flourished from the breakdown of the traditional lifestyle. The Urban Kibbutz is one of those experiments, and we on Kibbutz Tamuz believe that this new kibbutz idea has much to offer both socially conscience urbanites and the kibbutz movement itself.

Kibbutz Tamuz is located in the city of Beit Shemesh, Israel, which is approximately 30 minutes west of Jerusalem. The kibbutz was founded in the summer of 1987 by nine people who had previously been active in the kibbutz movement on other kibbutzim, but had been disillusioned with the traditional kibbutz. The kibbutz belongs to the United Kibbutz Movement, and is one of three Urban Kibbutzim in the country.

Kibbutz Tamuz is an urban kibbutz, a small Jewish community, and like the traditional kibbutz, Tamuz is a collective. Its 33 members function as a single economic unit, expressing the socialist ideals of equality and cooperation, ideas and praxis. However, unlike the traditional kibbutz, we are located in an urban environment, keeping us in tune with what is happening in society around us.

If you have more questions after reading all of this, go to our FAQ's on Tamuz page.

Last updated 01/1/2005