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 Jewish life 
As a Jewish community, we feel that our cultural expression of Judaism is an important factor in our lives. As secular Jews in Israeli society, we dedicate time and energy to a creation of a Jewish expression which is both innovative and relevant to our lives, as well as in touch with our heritage.

Kibbutz Tamuz sees the daily practice of a secular Jewish culture a fundemental part of our cultural development. As a secular community, we try to take a critical and creative look at Judaism, its traditions and its rituals. Judaism has always been, and must always be a dynamic and developing cultural expression for its people. This expression is manifested on Tamuz by the constant studying and redeveloping of all holidays from a secular, modern standpoint, a free form Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat for the community before our joint dinner, and the creation of modern Jewish ceremonies for britot, weddings and other life cycle occasions according to our world view.

Last updated 01/1/2005