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The Urban Kibbutz Tamuz is always looking to grow. In general, anyone interested in joining Kibbutz Tamuz is welcome to contact us and start the process of joining the kibbutz.

Our criteria for accepting new members are rather informal and leave a lot open to the individual and the situation on Tamuz at the time. In principle, any person who understands and believes in the ideals of Kibbutz Tamuz, and is willing to give the Urban kibbutz concept a chance is welcome to begin the process.

The process of becoming a member is rather simple. Potential candidates are first invited to come visit Tamuz and meet with Tamuz members for an initial discussion, giving both sides an opportunity to get to know each other. If all goes well, the interested party is given a "mekasher" who will be in contact with them for the duration of the process. Additional meetings will be arranged, and there will be an attempt to have as many members as possible meet the potential candidates. Usually, a weekend visit is also arranged during this time, where the family or individual will see Tamuz close up. Once a decision has been made to join the kibbutz the candidacy begins with moving to Tamuz. The family or individual is given a adopted family, and generally enjoys all rights and priviledges of all Tamuz members. After a period of time, which usually lasts about one year, the candidate can become a full member.

Kibbutz Tamuz is not for everyone, and we would not want someone to "waste time" trying out Tamuz only to find that the basic ideas are do not suit them. So here are a few additional important points:

All new candidates are expected to arrive on Tamuz with a full time job already arranged. Since we are an Urban Kibbutz, we have no way of providing employment for new members.

Special arrangements have been made for students interested in coming to Tamuz, even if they are not working full time.

There is no fee to join Tamuz. Once you are a candidate, your salary goes directly to the kibbutz and you receive a budget based on the size of your family, like everyone else on the kibbutz.

It is important that new immigrants interested in trying Tamuz have already established themselves in the country. Tamuz is not a easy place for absorbtion, since our lifestyle can be demanding, and a command of the language is a key factor in the ability to be involved in what goes on here.

The Urban Kibbutz is a very different lifestyle than the traditional kibbutz. Before starting the process with Tamuz, make sure you know the difference between the two types of kibbutzim and are choosing Tamuz because of its attributes and not because you may have confused Tamuz with another type of collective lifestyle. If it is the traditional kibbutz life you are looking for, please check out the Kibbutz links we have provided.

So, what do I do now?

First, Make sure you READ ABOUT TAMUZ.

If you are interested in joining the Urban Kibbutz, please contact us.
By E-mail: info@tamuz.org.il
Or by fax: (972) 02-9900100

Or write us at:
Kibbutz Tamuz
46 Hanassi St.
Bet Shemesh 99037

Last updated 02/1/2005